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Background Introduction

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Hi, and already thank you for valuable input by reading what you all have learned from experience. Just recently made a new friend where I work that is much younger than I, but has been type 1 for about 15 yrs -- have learned a lot firsthand as he has a pump and that has led me to pursue the newer pump that continuously monitors glucose. My appmt with the practitioner at Vandy is about a month away to see about getting one.

Male, 55, married for 35 years, type 1 since 1986, presently injecting Lantus 45u daily and Humilog for meals and boluses totalling about 35u, but that varies. Control has been in the 6.1 best to 8.2 worst A1C range for the last 8 years. Most of them range around 7. I sit at a desk all day designing mechanical systems, so not much exercise unless I can squeeze in a walk at lunch, which I do on occasion. Basically, my lifestyle, treatment, and eating habits have not changed much with the exception of increasing dosage as I age.

With that age thing also comes what most diabetics experience, and that is various other health problems as the disease takes its course. High blood pressure, plantar fascitis (spelling?), ED, Peyronie's disease, eyes have some scarring but nothing serious yet. Every person has a different tolerance for these things, mine is not what most would regard as heroic. Basically, I want to live out my days with the best quality of life the doctors can help me to have (I manage my disease -- they assist), but when I get to the point where quality of life is not there then I will have lived. Did I mention I ride a Harley?

As for the value of boards such as this one -- there is a lot we can learn from each other. Weird things happen when injected chemicals take the place of the body's own functions -- sometimes understandable, and sometimes you just shrug and say WTF? While doctors have been helpful, some of my worst experiences in managing this disease were times when they were driving (so to speak). So I have adapted to learning from myself and others.

Best wishes to you all as you fight your own battles over time...

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Ping or Omni?


I think the one I was looking at is called a MiniMed Paradigm, but the practicioner will probably have others to show me too. Am hoping it will give me a degree of freedom from carrying that purse with the ice cooler, as well as being able to read my overnite levels (Have had a hard time with Dawn Syndrome which my Endo says is a wives' tale). I read the post about how the MiniMed was not agreeing with the numbers with the prick method -- Hmmm...

I have also read several others here who have lived a long time with this disease and have done very well with their numbers. Perhaps I can do that well if I get on the pump; right now I jump for joy when I get down around 6 for a report.

My bike is a Road King -- for touring. What turns my crank is the sight of aeons-old mountains, trees, tumbling rivers. So whenever I get a chance to just get on it and ride that's where I go to feel the flow of time. Thinking if you two have a cruising type bike, it may be a Marauder. Not too knowledgeable about Suzuki's crotch rockets but you could have one of them. Sorry to hear about the injury -- so far, only my pride has been hurt by falling over with that beast at low speeds and having to pick it up with onlookers.

I design process and chemical plant systems (that's what I like), but also do Heating and Air -- whatever they assign. And yes, you are right that there are a lot more diabetics at work, and we all have questions at times when we run into something we don't understand (which happens often).


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