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As some of you know I had decided recently that I wanted to go on the insuln pump. We filled out all of the paper work and Medtronics called me today and told me that I could have a pump for $3,800!!
I asked why and apparently my insurance plan has a cap on "durable medical devices" at $1,000. That is all they will pay. Medtronics knocked another ~$1,200 off for me but there is no way I can afford that on 30 hours a week plus going to school. :(
Oh well, no need to dwell on the things that are out of my control. I just need to look to the future. I have great control now but was really looking forward to getting off of the injections.
Sorry for the rant. No need to feel sorry for me, I just figured I would let everyone who knew I was thinking about the pump know that I am not going to be going on it for a while at least.
You can get a little relief from the MDI by using an injection port. Would that be something that you might consider?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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