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can you eat bananas with diabetes type 2?
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can you eat bananas with diabetes type 2?
I'm a non-insulin-dependent Type 2 and I can eat bananas without it causing my blood glucose levels to go high. In fact, my testing has never revealed that I have a problem with any fruit. I eat loads of fruit - it is a big part of my diet.

I tend to buy the smaller pieces of fruit and then eat it as a snack - i.e. always on its own and well spaced out with say a minimum of one hour between each piece.

Many other diabetics tell me that fruit causes them to go high so it is quite important that you test to check out how fruit affects you.

I've been thinking of doing a 'testing fruit day' - i.e. eating nothing but fruit and carrying out a lot of testing throughout the day. If I get around to doing that I'll post the results on this forum for others to see.

Best wishes - John
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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