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Bargain on Accu-Chek Compact Plus....

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...I Think.

(If this has already or is being discussed some place else, please remove)

I went to Walgreen's today for test strips and an Assistant Manager gave me the heads up on this deal... Accu-Chek meter w/ lancing device, batteries, test drum (17 test), and 17 lancets--- $19.99 + $3.00 store discount + register and get a $15.00 Company rebate... also a Prescription Discount card (pay no more than $15.00 on every test strip prescription) .

I bought the Accu-Chek for $16.99 and got a three month prescription from the Doctor (210 strips a month). I have not registered the prescription card or the $15.00 rebate... I will keep you informed if this deal is legitimate...

It would be nice if it happens...:lol:
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I made an error regarding everything contained in the box. When getting ready to use the meter I found there were no test strips included. I asumed they had been left out by the factory. I returned to Walgreens after lunch to pick up my test strips. Discovered that the advertising on the box was very misleading and no test strips were contained in the package. 51 test strips cost $56.00.

Not as good a deal as I thought... but still I think it's a good meter at a reasonable cost... I'm sending off for the rebate today and activating my prescription card. I will let you know how that turns out when it happens.

When I signed up to activate the card here's what I got...:rolleyes:

"Thank you for signing up. We're sorry, but the ACCU-CHEK Connect Prescription discount card you entered may not be valid for cash purchases.
You'll be pleased to know, however, that there's a special card for people who pay cash for prescriptions. To request a new ACCU-CHEK Connect tool kit including a discount card that can be used for cash purchases, click Yes below. You will receive your new tool kit within the next 2 to 3 weeks."

This deal seems to be falling apart... Now I must pay $56.00 for 51 strips... Man Please!!!

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