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Barium swallow

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Hi I wonder if anyone can help me , I've been told I may need a barium swallow xray, but have read on line that it makes your sugar spike really high as full of sugar,I can't seem to find any exact info, ive had so many health problems since covid , and it's hard to manage my blood sugar since, hoping someone can help thanks everyone.
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Hi, net.

Yes, apparently barium-swallow X-rays (and other x-rays that require contrast dyes) will affect blood sugar, though in an indirect way. The dye allows doctors to get a better picture of what's happening inside you, but the dye also is a little tough on the kidneys, which help remove impurities from our bodies. To avoid making the kidneys work too hard, doctors ask patients to stop taking their diabetes medications for the duration of the test, particularly Metformin. This, of course, allows your blood sugar to go up since you're not taking medication to counteract it.

But once you start taking your medications again, your blood sugar levels should return to where they were before the test. It's temporary; it's just one more day of high blood sugar (presumably after many previous days before diagnosis); and they're doing the test for a good cause. Barium-swallow X-rays are a diagnostic for gastroperesis, a condition in which the stomach does not empty itself of food within a usual amount of time. This can cause problems with nutrition and blood sugar. So it sounds like a test worth having.

If someone else on the forum has done this, i hope they report their experience. We always try to limit high blood sugar, but sometimes a couple of days of high levels are worth it if they help us finally diagnose our medical issue.
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Thanks for your reply I'm on insulin as type 1, and blood sugar not been great as I said before since having covid in December, now got high blood pressure, everything is going wrong with me as well as dry cough that doesn't go, had various test, so just rhink my body is really struggling 🙁
I wouldn't think they would ask you stop taking insulin. You may need to ask if the barium solution they use has sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Find out which artifiiail sweeteners because some of the sugar alcohols, ending in OL (sorbitol, maltitol, etc) affect peoples blood sugars differently, some a lot more than others. Several I googled use saccharin.
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My apologies, net -- for some reason I thought you were on Metformin. As a T1, you're on insulin. Your medical team should advise you on how to adjust your insulin for the test. If they don't volunteer the information, you certainly should ask ahead of time.
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