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been a bad boy

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Hi everyone

I was diagnosed 4 or 5 years ago with type 2 and started out being good but lapsed....
now I am starting out all over again but it seems much harder now to get back in control. Nothing I do seems to bring numbers down
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Hello Scott, welcome to Diabetes Forum. Type 2 diabetes is progressive. I have seen some Type 2's go through 4 stages.

Stage 1: Controlled by diet and exercise alone. This requires a lot of determination and hard work, eating low carb and exercising a lot every day.

Stage 2: When diet and exercise is no longer working so well, Type 2 medication is prescribed. Diet and exercise is still important. As time passes the dosages of the medications may have to be increased.

Stage 3: When the medications are no longer very helpful, insulin is prescribed. This is due to the pancreas producing less insulin so injections become necessary. Both medications and insulin are usually in use in this stage.

Stage 4: Eventually insulin dosages may have to be increased as the pancreas is producing less and less insulin. If insulin injections are not producing stable blood sugar levels and there are many highs and lows then an insulin pump can be used for more stability and much better control.

I know several Type 2 diabetics in stage 4, using insulin pumps. To keep from having to use insulin you would have to use tight control. Insulin might still be necessary later on but delaying that stage as long as possible is certainly desirable.

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