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Benfits from ionized water?

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Hi as many are all starting to become more aware, about the health benefits of ph balanced, ionized free radical water , have any of you seen any benefits in your day to day life?, im not even diabetic, but ive heard of some great things from such products as the jupiter ionizer.

I am no way endorsing such a product but was just wondering if any of you are using it and like it, i ask because i wanna know if its a good investment when I get married, cause those blasted things can cost upwards to 1000$ + and my fiance who is t1 like to drink tea all the time, but then your not getting fresh water, and the water in bottles these days are no better than the water coming out of your taps and toilets.

im interested in your thoughts people :)

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Our own water is from our private well, so I have no experience with ionized or any other kind. But if it means shelling out $1000, my answer is usually going to be NO! heheh (my middle name is "skinflint", donchaknow?)
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