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Best actions after LD

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If I missed an a.m. Meal and slept late. I think I got a LD and my BG was 190. I felt horrible, weak and woozy. SO I ate some toast and will test in a bit. IS this the correct action?? I also missed my other medications, contributing to effects . After up, I did drink a LOT of water. Please comment and TY. * I am a senior, D2 over 16 years, and not very compliant. But better now and have had good a/m BG recently. There are other dysfunctional issues, but this is the gist of it.
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Hello, DEBNOVA, and welcome to our community!

Liver dumps are a reaction to many things; it's essentially the liver providing glucose for what the body thinks is going to happen (waking up, becoming physically active, etc.). We're not doctors but many of us have experienced liver dumps, often in the form of Dawn Phenomenon, in varying degrees.

Your situation in particular has a lot to unpack. Sleeping "late" (how much more sleep than usual?) could be a result of physical fatigue or emotional stress or your body fighting inflammation or an infection. As I understand it, typically dawn phenomenon resolves itself through the day so sleeping much later than usual, if that's the only change, should leave your blood glucose levels where they usually are. Do you test your blood glucose often enough to know what your midday levels are? It's also hard to know what effects your (missed) medications normally have on your blood glucose levels. Some medications bump BG so their absence might show immediate effect... or might not because they don't dissipate from the body that quickly.

With a BG of 190 I don't think I would address it with carbohydrates (particularly simple carbohydrates like white wheat flour). I tame my dawn phenomenon (as much as it gets tamed 😐) by having a snack not long before I go to bed. The snack usually is mostly fat and some protein. For me with my experimentation, that seems to work best.

Would you be interested in posting a bit more of an introduction to yourself in our New Members Introductions forum? We'd be happy to help with the issues that are reducing your compliancy. Odds are many or most of us have faced (or are facing) those same issues.
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