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Beware of the Flashing Scams in the Margins

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I assume that all of us are seeing the flashing offers in the margins. As I sit here i am seeing one that appears at both the top and side of this page. There is a big pink smiley and the words say "This is not a joke, you are the 100,000th visitor! CLICK HERE." I suggest that you NOT click on any of these. I am betting that all of us are seeing these flashing demons. Am I right? Am I the only one? Is it all in my head, a mirage? :eek:

There is another one that pops up sometimes saying I am the one millionith visitor and I can click and receive a free Apple ipod. Do you get that one too?

I will admit my curosity got the best of me and I participated on one of them. I knew it was a scam, but I had to know what was involved.

At the start I was told that I had to finish my participation in a particular amount of time. Why would that be necessary? It ISN"T, that is part of the scam!!! I was asked to choose one of three or four possible offers. One was a free Dell laptop, another was a free $1000 gift certificate for Walmart, etc. I chose the Walmart offer and continued. I had to give my address, phone number, email, and many other personal items. Then there were pages of questions about my likes and dislikes, etc. I could not advance to the next page unless I answered all the questions. When I finished I was told that my time had run out and I could start over again. I did not do that, but if I did, I am guessing the next round would ask different questions than were asked during the first round. My curosity was satisfied, I did not think for a moment I would get a prize.

I was not surprised when I started receiving an increased amount of junk mail the next day. They were coming through in bunches. My email and information resulted in all this junk mail. I delete them all but it is a pain in the neck. I know, it is my fault!!! Today there is more junk mail than ever before. I may have to change my email address.

The flashing scam is on several sites that I visit, but not all of them. I wonder why. I belong to a dozen D sites and I only browse on most of them, but post on about half of them. I see the flashing demons on only 4 or 5 of those sites. The flashing really gets to me. It bothers my eyes a lot!!! I hate it!!! :mad: I wonder if there is any way to get rid of the demons? If I enter a discussion and I see the flashing there, I immediately leave the thread and pick another. I am not participating on several threads because of this. I now prefer the D sites where this is NOT happening!!!

Any comments?
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Breeze 2 User, that is clever. I might try that. Thanks!
Thanks galh, I have run several spyware programs and none of them worked this time. I had to switch to another browser and that is working very well now. No pop-ups and no flashing ads. I chose "" as my new browser.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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