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black eyed peas=good!

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I am so proud of my meal and the test results, I just have to share. Premeal = 82, had a huge bowl of black eyed peas with chopped avocado and green tobasco sauce, 1 hr pp = 94, 2 hr pp = 112. I forgot to do the 3 hr one, but I felt great. I couldn't have done this a while back. I know this is due to lower carbs and weight loss.
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Congratulations! It is this type of experimenting that shows you and others what can be done. While this may not be as successful for everyone, you are learning that you are your own science project and successes are possible.

Keep up to good work and positive attitude.
Now that is my kind of meal, Alura! Good work & congrats on your results! I'll be trying it myself . . . I've had some success with black-eyed peas, like in hoppin' john, etc., if I exercise a little portion control. :D
Probably the Tabasco sauce - as we say in Alabama "it'll cure what ailes you!" :)
Probably the Tabasco sauce - as we say in Alabama "it'll cure what ailes you!" :)
Ain't it the truth! lol! My kitchen couldn't function without tabasco! Gotta have cayenne & some plain old red pepper flakes too! If nothing else, it'll open up your sinuses! heheh!
You would think, being from Texas, I would be used to the heat in peppers.....but I just can't get there. That's why I buy the green Tobasco - it's much milder but still give a hint of warmness. By the way, how many of you raised in the south, grew up with a bottle peppers on the kitchen table? I know I did - Dad ate peppersauce with everything except dessert.
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