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Blast from the past: old forum emoji may come back?

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Folks who've been on this site a while know we had a change in the forum software not too many months ago. The new software comes with lots of capabilities and features and is much easier to support when things break or the Internet changes. But some of you may remember a bunch of emoji/smileys that were specific to the forum:
Automotive tire Toy Font Rectangle Lego

That's most of them. Anyway, someone at the forum software people has figured out a way to bring back some of those emoji. It has to be done individually by hand and it's not being done officially (which means the forum software could change something that would make it difficult or impossible for those emoji to continue) but now we're asking...

... if you could get back maybe half a dozen of the emoji in this set, which ones would you want? We've already had two votes for the fiddler:
Musical instrument Smile Happy Line String instrument

Other votes?

Fine print: Emphasis will be given to emoji the appearance or function of which are not duplicated in the standard emoji set now available to posters. Judges can be bought off with dark chocolate (seriously, no, we cannot). Decisions are final and all are pending OneFora's ability to implement the change. No timetable is set for this. It's all in fun. Valid in non-U.S. territories. Close cover before striking. Do not use emojis in water. Don't feed them after dark.
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Here's a link to a page full of the emoji/smilies in question. I forgot about the "hitting the wall" smiley. I'd like that one...
Wow that is a lot more than I remember 😎
There was a More... link that unlocked the whole set (or close to it). iirc though it was so confusingly formatted -- and some of the smileys so specific -- that I never got to the bottom of the list.
Given the thunderous groundswell of support for this move (very very little) we're going to just let the old smileys ride for another time. Closing this thread.
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