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Blood Sugar Going Too Low

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I just had a terrible low. I was writing an email and I got really light headed and I COULD NOT THINK. I tested at 34 at 11:05PM. I saved most of my carbs for dinner, I ate cheese ravioli and a dinner roll and took a large bolus at 7PM. I have a diabetes check-up with my doctor tomorrow. I have never blacked out but I am afraid that I might. I really do not have much warning until my blood sugar drops below 45. My Mother goes to bed very early and is hard of hearing and I am afraid that I may black out while being alone. I just can't stop taking my insulin and I am not sure why I am going so low. I may need to to reduce my Actos or Glucotrol. I have already reduced my basal insulin by 10 units at night over the last 3 weeks. I hope to get some answers tomorrow. :confused::noidea:
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Breeze, if that happened to me then it might be due to my needing a change in my carb ratio for my evening meal. I take 1 unit of Humalog for every 6 carbs I eat. That is called a 1:6 carb ratio. that gives me a high two hours after breakfast so I use a 1:4 ratio which gives me more insulin. That solved my high BS after breakfast problem. If I had lows after my evening meal I would try a 1:7 ratio, which would involve my using less insulin and result in higher tests in the late evening. I don't know how your gastroparesis works into the equation since I don't have that problem. I am just thinking that it may just be a matter of too much insulin for that time of day. Many insulin users do not seem to realize their carb ratios can vary throughout the day. Carb counting with carb ratios is much more effective in controlling BS levels than a sliding sccale.
I take 1 unit for every 4 carbs before breakfast and 1 unit for every 6 carbs the rest of the day. If I eat something very late in the evening, after 9 pm, I take 1 unit for every 8 carbs . I am more sensitive to carbs at that time. That is carb counting. It is different and more precise than using a sliding scale. If you study John Walsh's book "Using Insulin" you will get a better understanding of carb counting.
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