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Braggin' Board - What did you today worthy of bragging about?

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The title says it all. I know we have all done something that will inspire others. Just start posting.
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@mbuster! Come on, dish up your day's braggin' rights.

I have nothing to brag about today, but want to brag on someone none of you know and I didn't either until this morning.

Lost my Dexcom receiver yesterday, a loss I could ill afford. Had to order a replacement, at a discount for =only= $259 shipped. Vented 'mongst some other Dexcom users and a guy said he had one in a drawer and would send it to me. (Most people use their smart phones; I don't have one.) Was able to cancel the order.

Anyway, he not only offered, but mailed it 3 hours later with tracking information! I might even have it Saturday, Monday latest.

So ... bragging on him for his generosity, of spirit and otherwise.
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