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I'm really confused about bread. I understand that i should stay away from WHITE bread, yet using the CalorieKing website, white bread has less carbs than whole wheat bread. Am i missing something?

Large 1.1oz Slice White Bread = 15.2g carbs:
CalorieKing - Calorie Counter - Calories in Breads: White Bread

Slice Whole Wheat Bread = 20g carbs:
CalorieKing - Calorie Counter - Calories in Pepperidge Farm, Breads: 100% Natural, 100% Whole Wheat
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There wasn't a size listed for the whole wheat slice, but i took the carb readings from the largest slice of white available. Probably best to just avoid bread i think.

This is turning into major culture shock. Almost everything i was eating prior to getting diagnosed was killing me. Nice! Reality is a smack in the face.
A lot of the thing about bread is the serving size. Sometimes whole wheat will have the approximate amount of carbs as white but the difference is in how fast it turns to sugar. White bread turns into glucose very quickly in the body giving you a fast spike in your blood sugar. Whole grains are digested more slowly, giving you a more gradual increase in blood sugar. This can be very beneficical especially to the diabetic that still produces insulin because most of the time the increase is gradual enough that their body handles it much better.

Thats the really tricky part of diabetes...figuring out not only how many carbs you are eating...but also how those carbs are being digested. Also to consider, when you add fat to the mix it will slow the digestion of the carb even more. Sometimes that works to your advantage...sometimes not. Thats why the best rule of thumb is to test around meals and see how *you* in particular manage different kinds of carbs.

Hang in really does get easier :)
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The difference in metabolism of white bread and any other kind of bread, at least for me, seems negligible. I'm envious of anyone who can enjoy bread without a little insulin chaser!

Oh yeah...I know the feeling. I need to take insulin whether I eat or sometimes I actually do a little better with the quicker digesting carbs because they are easier for me to predict when its going to spike me. I do try to at least stick with whole wheat at least rather than the "real" nuttier whole grains (if that makes sense)
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