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Hi all

I'll put a chapter on this in my book, but here's the short version:
In the last several years, I've felt well controlled with regards to blood sugar level. On my own software, that takes an average of my 2-3 daily measurement, I've been having results of 7.1, 7.3, 7.2 etc., good and stable. But even though I've tried various insulins, while they have improved my quality of life by making it unnecessary to eat between main meals, those different insulins have not improved my numbers any.

But finally things have improved. Here's what has happened. Based on the test week with the Medtronic equipment, it became clear that my blood sugar was too low during my sleep, even though it was OK around the time I woke up. That led me to reevaluate. I took 9 units of Insulatard before the night back then. Now I decided to test splitting it in two injections. After some trial, I ended up taking 6 units Insulatard before the night and 3 units of Insulatard before lunch. After testing that for 3 weeks, my average blood sugar has dropped from the approx 7.2 to 6.8! I wasn't too surprised because I noticed that I had almost no double-digit measurements.

So I'm continuing this. There is of course the disadvantage of now having to inject myself 5 times instead of 4 times per day. And it's also a bit annoying that I now have to remember to bring 2 pens if I take lunch outside the house. But compared to the improvement in my blood sugar level, that's minor. I'll continue to do this.

Remember to consult your physician if you want to try something similar.
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