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G'day from Brisbane,

I equate T2 to pregnancy - it just keeps increasing - but of course, never giving birth.

I am aware of all the usual stuff.

My aim in joining this forum is to link up with locals and enjoy some activities that are interesting and not just boring exercise.

My active intereststs are;
Lawn bowls
Pretend hunt archery
Bicycle (steady not full on) bikeway and novelty bikes (Ratfink Cruiser).

I sometimes combine these interests with some less active interests thet I have;
Clubman (Lotus Super 7 look alike) road registered racing car.

I would like to spend time with other T2s pursuing active interests and I expect that any T2 discussion will be a spin-off benefit .

So if you are in the Brisbane area and you would like to join me, please contact me initially via this forum.

I am retired, and because of my work history in Industrial Automation Engineering and Environmental Law enforcement, I have an extensive knowledge of a great number of things but my medical knowledge is only basic.



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Welcome Colingriffin

Nice to meet you :) I am not anywhere near you either, but its a pleasure to meet you anyway! Its always nice to have another voice of wisdom around here :)

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Welcome to the forum

i hope that you visit us regularly. This is by far, THE best place for us diabetics to talk freely and openly about whats going on with us.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have, as i feel that there are no "dumb" questions

You can do this, you can.

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