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Hadn't had a PP reading (meal+2hrs) over 125 in 3 weeks, and now 146. I tested 4 times to be sure. I know this kinda thing will happen from time to time but I am bummed - hopefully not for long.

Had the usual food, but maybe just that teeny tiny bit of rice (could not have been more than a teaspoonful if that) did this. A nasty reminder that tight control can give one an illusion that one is "normal"..but that this condition will never go away...ever.


just wanted to vent...thanks for listening


oh yeah I know how you feel there SG. I freak out when my BGL can suddenly soar to 15 or something ridiculous. It doesn't happen that often thank goodness but it always makes me very annoyed seeing a high number. Lately I've had problems with hypos at night and that has been making me very nervous... stupid thing this is at times! One thing I find it that you have to always be on your guard all the time as so many things impact on our BGLs.
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