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So I'm reading 'The Good Fat Cookbook', which has a lot of interesting food for thought

In the section about milk, it mentions that calcium can lower the risk of developing insulin resistance. Has anyone heard of this before?

From the book
'A 2002 Journal of the American Medical Association study is perhaps most fascinating of all. It tracked more than three thousand young adults over a ten-year period to determine their habitual intake of dairy foods. Some of these subjects turned out to be overweight, but among them, the ones who consumed the most dairy products had a lower risk of developing insulin resistance, the Syndrome X problem that low-carb eaters are trying to overcome. The overweight individuals consumed fewer dairy products than normal-weight eaters, but those who consumed the most had a whopping 71 percent lower incidence of insulin resistance - and all types of dairy foods, both low-fat and high fat, were found to provide the benefit'
I wish that was the case with me...I've been a life long milk drinker--LOVED my milk, but was diagnosed this past April. Now I drink no milk at all and avoid anything with milk solids, etc.
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