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Calling all night owls and insomniacs!!!

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Good morning everyone! I know Shanny lurks around here late at night and early morning. I wish I didn't have insomnia and was in bed asleep. Count your blessings when you fall fast asleep every night!:)
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Boy that is so true . . . it does me no good whatever to go to bed if I'm not sleepy - I just toss & turn. There are occasional nights that I don't GET sleepy, and wind up staying up all night. Once I start nodding off & get to bed, I can sleep for six-eight hours & wake up rested, but it's the getting to the drowsy stage that seems to take forever.
My wife has a lot of trouble sleeping, personally I hit a pill and next thing i know it's morning. Generally it takes a bomb or impending danger to wake me up during my sleep.
Shanny, do you have Sleep Apnea? There are many diabetics with that problem and you can be tested to see if you have it. There is a machine that is used to enable people with that problem to sleep!!!
haha, just say my typing earlier... Little typo

personally I hit a pillow and next thing i know it's morning
I do have sleep apnea, Richard; I'm on CPAP, and it's a godsend. And I'm sure it's why I can sleep for eight hours straight once I fall asleep. Amazing that such a non-invasive application can work such miracles!
haha, just say my typing earlier... Little typo

personally I hit a pillow and next thing i know it's morning
That had me scratching my head for a minute . . . glad you came back to correct the record! :D :D :D
haha, yeah I'm not Micheal Jacksoning it or anything... I just fall asleep easily most nights, if not there is probably something on my mind...

Tonight I'm just fascinated reading abut geodes, first I started thinking about sequoias so I researched them some then I thought about geode so I researched them... ah the internet, learn anything you want 24/7 no overdue book fees either =)
This sucker is soooo expensive, but it would be an awesome piece of art to have in your house...

ULTRA LARGE & RARE GOLDEN CACOXENITE AMETHYST GEODE WOW - eBay (item 360214314298 end time Mar-03-10 13:19:15 PST)

no way I could buy it. Would have to win the lottery first and even then I would probably look for a cooler one if I did ;)

My brain works funny, random tangents... So now I'm high jacking this thread with my random night thoughts ;)
Shoot! I couldn't even afford the shipping on that puppy! :eek:
yeah no kidding! But it still looks awesome! Maybe I will have to add that to my bucket list, some day go geode hunting across the us =)
I didn't know they grew that big and had multiple cavities. That is really something.

Well I'm hitting the rack
. . . y'all hold the fort 'til I get back, y'hear?!

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haha well I'll probably do the same soon... But I'm trollin ebay for a cheap geode that I like it's shape and color, want to add a little nature to my decore ;)
One of my favorite hobbies is collecting geodes, amethyst, crystal and other beautiful stones. I have gone to shows where they are sold. I pick the ones that cost around $100 each and limit myself to one purchase per year. I always see some very wonderful ones that are so big and beautiful, but they are way out of my price range. The ones I have look so pretty on shelves and places scattered throughout our house.
I'm lovin them, I always have liked the look of them growing up and just last night remembered them on some weird tangents. Turns out my wife had never heard or seen one before this morning. So I think I am definitely going to get myself one. I really like the amethyst ones. Those are really nice looking. I love that super expensive one more then anything because of the shape and multiple openings... so may are just round or tall oval like... which isn't all that interesting...
Looks Like I Fit Right In..!!

I've always been a "Night Owl".. especially that my better half (as a Nurse), works a 12 hour shift from 7p - 7a three shifts a week. My usual hours are bed @ 2a or so.. and sleep until 10a (give or take).

I mean.. what else is there to do but to talk to you guys at this time at night. So I guess I'm not so weird after all. On second thought don't ask Mrs. Breeze 2 or she might tell you differently! ;) :D

Breeze 2 User
Do We Have Insomnia Tonight?

I see alot of familiar faces many members have insomnia? How many night owls? I am a combo! :D
im usually up at this time because unfortunately i have to eat a third meal each day. i really dont care for eating and usually feel guilt ridden after eating. sad, i know
I'm getting about ready to head for the barn . . . finally feeling sleepy!

See all you good people again tomorrow!
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It's not that late here.. 11:30. For 50 years I could just go to bed at any reasonable hour and 5 minutes later I was asleep.. but for the last 3 years I don't even try until at least midnight, usually it's more like 1am and I have to get up for work in the morning. I know it's bad but I can't seem to change it so I run on about 5.5 hours per night during the week and 7 hours per night on the weekend. Hubby works evenings and doesn't get home until 3 or 4am. I probably have apnea.. tonight at dinner I promised my sister (also a diabetic and has apnea) that in a year or so I'll get checked. I don't think I can handle new diabetes and new apnea at the same time.
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