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Camping with Diabetics

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Hi. My daughter has been diagnosed with Type 1 and we are off on our annual camping holiday. I am a bit worried however about how to store her insulin. Is anyone a camping expert as I would welcome some ideas and suggestions. We camp in an unpowered site with a couple of other families.

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Hi There And Welcome: :)

I must say you had me wondering there for a just
snowed...and you're going camping? :eek:Then I noticed that you
are in Australia, where it's summer. :rolleyes:

Yes, we camped a lot. We had the trailer with the fridge so I
never had to worry about keeping my Insulin cool. If we went
for a picnic I'd just throw my Insulin container in the cooler in
a plastic bag.

Most Diabetics use the Frio Insulin cooler which work well and
last for a few days. You'll find it at: Frio Insulin
It is available at other online stores also, I think.

We hope that you, Karla and your Family have a Great Camping
Experience. She may also enjoy going to a Diabetic Camp, if she
hasn't already. Most children think they are Great Fun and learning
experience. YW! Take Care. ;)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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