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Ok, I just joined this forum last weekend, my partner has been diagnosed with diabetes back in 1996. He doesn't check his sugars regularly, only when there is a problem and lately he hasn't felt good. He tested last weekend and his sugar fasting number was 375, this week we totally changed diet, very low to no carbs, increased metformin to 1500mg, 10mg glipizide, added 1 hour of walking to the regimen 4 days this week (yes, we checked urine for ketones, test negative).

He has been testing every day this week and the lowest his fasting was 339. Today we are back at 367 still. We are planning to go to the urgent care, what will they do? Will they admit him to the hospital? I am just scared and want to know what I should expect. :confused:

Thank you very much for your input
Anytime your blood sugar readings are over 250, you should approach any form of exercise with caution. Exercise, while very good for us, can cause blood sugars to go up during and after exercise. Your partner needs to see a doctor asap.
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