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Thanks John for all the helps to understand that glocometers are not always accurate.
Dear Biswajith,

Giving you the basic facts:

(1) Generally Glucometers are calibrated at the time of production and recalibration is NOT done as a service procedure.

(2) Most Glucometers in India are imported and have no SERVICE facilities leave apart calibration. Only one brand is manufactured in India. Some brands claim as made in India but are imports and rebranded and sold here.

(3) All reading problems are generally due to strips and NOT meter. That is why control solutions are given.

(3) All brand of strips imported or local are to be stored under 30-32 deg centigrade temp as marked on the package. So if you ambience temperature exceeds this strips may give unreliable readings. even control solutions have their own restrictions. Temp/ llife....

(4) These strips have to be used within 90-120 days of opening the vial else the reading can again be unreliable.

(5) Imported strips have not been designed for Harsh Indian temperatures.

(6) Do not blindly rely on lab readings. These articles should enlighten you: Google search "ERRORS IN PATHOLOGY REPORTS"

(7) Specifically, with the values obtained b y you the information furnished are incomplete to explain the veracity of the readings. Was the doctor’s value of 250 taken on a Glucometers, was it PP? Random? FBS, What time and if random/ PP, what time difference was there between the last oral intake and test?

(8) Glucometers are generally accurate within 20%. The variation described by you cannot be due to a Glucometers fault but likely due to variation in other test parameters or strips not stored properly.

Cheers :)
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