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We all know one should govern sugar intake.
We all know we should get plenty of fiber in our diet.
Everyone is using the word "carb", which, unless I'm wrong, and correct me if I am...but...

There are 3 main types of carbohydrates (carbs)...

1. sugar, highly glycemic (with the exception of fructose), is disclosed on the nutrition label
2. starch (weak-bonded sugar, breaks down in minutes, highly glycemic (unless outnumbered by fiber), is NOT disclosed on the nutrition label )
3. fiber (soluble & insoluble, strong-bonded sugar, never enters the bloodstream), is disclosed on the nutrition label.

When one "limits carbs", it can be argued or misunderstood that you are cutting fiber OUT of your diet, because fiber IS carbohydrate (carb). And fiber is a good thing. Why not lose the word "carb", unless we're talking about all three combined (sugar, starch, AND fiber) and simply use the word starch unless we're talking about sugar or fiber specifically?

A starch is absolutely a carbohydrate, but a carbohydrate (carb) is not necessarily a starch.

Using the word "carb" when it's more appropriate to use the word "starch", muddies the waters of understanding for folks with diabetes.
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