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In the past my blood sugar was 160 on a fasting blood test and A1C of 9. I had the flu when I took it. Starting eating healthier(never been on meds) and 3 weeks later it was 118. Continued losing weight and and 6 months later it was 95 with A1C of 5. I have been afraid to check for a long long time but barely ate sweets and have exercised a fast pace 45 minutes 5 days a week for the last 10 years. My most recent fasting was 75(didn't have A1C ). I am a nonsmoker and drinker and still working to lose more weight. Don't really have symptoms. Don't get thirsty alot. Maybe get up once a night to pee but not always. Never really overly tired. The only thing I notice that if I do eat chocolate which is rare I feel a bit tired and temporary thirst which goes away. Sometimes I feel a drop were I feel shaky and I need orange juice bur that's rare also. Not sure what'd up.
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