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I am looking for some help in a possible move to Canada. My wife and I are considering a move to Canada, most likely New Brunswick. I currently live in CT in the USA, and one of my concerns is medical supplies.

I have an Animas Vibe with the G4 sensor which I LOVE and I do NOT want to give up. Since I got it my numbers went from 7.0 immediately down to 5.6 3 months later and to 5.7ish over the last 18 months.

My concern is about costs of the supplies. I know Healthcare is "free" (no not really there are some costs and rX are not included) but I am trying to figure out our actual costs and if financially it is going to make a difference with taxes/finances/Etc.

I use 5-6 vials of Humalog every 3 months along with 12 G4 sensors and 3-4 boxes of the infusion sets.
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