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Before anything else - if you're an ice cream lover it would be best to get real cream, frozen/cooled ingredients and make your own. However, if that's not an option for whatever reason...

FYI, I've been trying a few of these lately, because unlike most commercially-prepared ice creams, many of these have REAL CREAM as their first ingredient!: Chapman's No-Sugar Added Products

So far I've tried these products with NO spikes even close to danger territory:

Fudge bar - Good texture and flavour, 19g carb total, of which most are maltitol - so watch it if that spikes you. Due to the carb content, and what maltitol does to me, I've found I can enjoy these as a dessert with a zero or very low-carb meal.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream - First Ingredient... CREAM! Nice flavour, fairly rich for a NSA product. Only 11carb per serving, most maltitol again, but very low carb amount. Serving is only 1/2c - which is about one medium ice cream scoop full.

Black Cherry (My favorite so far) - again, first ingredient is CREAM! Amazingly rich AND sweet. Low-Carb for the 1/2c serving (which is all I find I need to be happy) with only 15g carb. Amazingly, only 4g are sugar alcohols, 6g are from the REAL cherries in it. Great flavour, had to keep looking at the label, couldn't believe it was this good and this low-carb.

Dutch Chocolate - still with CREAM as first ingredient! (How many grocery-store ice creams can make that claim today?) Wonderfully rich and chocolaty. You'll never know it's NSA, seriously. My wife loves this, and she's a chocolate purist.

I've also tried the Ice Cream Sandwich, but it sent me into the 6.5 - 7.0 range on two tests (I like to be lower if possible) ... and I didn't like the texture of the wafer, to be honest. The wafer contains bleached flour, corn starch and corn flour... ick. The ice cream part was fine. 28g carbohydrate, 20g are sugar alcohols. I personally won't be buying them again, but if you really miss an ice-cream sandwich,it might be worth testing for you.

I won't be trying their cones - at 34g carbohydrate, I don't have to test that snack, especially with flour, maltodextrin, corn flour, etc. in the cone.

That's a quick report for ya - they're worth trying if you're an ice cream lover and just don't have the time or equipment to make your own.

They've got a 'store locator' link on their site if you want to try some yourselves.
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