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Cannabis - cbd - thcv

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With the coming of age for Canadian laws regarding the use of this herb and the potential benefits. I am very curious if anyone can share a positive or negative result with its use and diabetes. Personally I am on too many meds and would like to get off a few. Have read about a reduction from 7.4 to 6.7 in glucose levels in one study from THCV. Kind of pricy stuff compared to Metformin. Interested in anti inflammatory aspects of Cannabis & pain relief. My sons thinking I would benefit from CBD. Is it a viable alternative to opioids for pain. Is it a stress reducer for high anxiety - should just quit coffee :) not.
What I really want for Christmas is Cannabis no sugar brownies since my pancreas is allergic to alcohol. I am also really tired of the lack of no sugar drinks. You think Costco could carry Nestea Zero - NO all there **** has sugar. Rant is on a break
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My sons thinking I would benefit from CBD. Is it a viable alternative to opioids for pain.
When I injured my back, I chose CBD over the opioids suggested by my doctor. CBD has no THC so you won't get a high, so that added to my decision besides not wanting to risk any addiction that opioids presented. And, yes, CBD reduced my back pain. CBD comes in capsules, cream and liquid and as far as my knowledge, it is not smoked.

My son recently had shoulder surgery and when he filled his prescription it was for 60 opioid pills, an amount that surprised him. He destroyed the remaining pills after four days and used CBD.

The medical community needs to find alternatives to opioids and patients need to be willing to explore safer choices.

My older sister (88 years old) suffered all her life with IBS. A woman at her assisted living facility gave her some CBD to take out for a test ride. She now has her own prescription and is pain free from the IBS. Says it's made all the difference in her life.
CBD heals everything! It did wonders to me man
Hello, @Gustafason! Welcome to the site! Would you please go over to our New Member Introductions forum and tell us a little about yourself? I'm thinking people here would be particularly interested in your experience with CBD and/or THC in managing your diabetes, particularly since this thread is more than four years old and centers more on the anti-inflammatory aspects of the product rather than insulin-management aspects.

The main study I've seen quoted when people mention these substances positively in connection with diabetes (including in this old thread) is a Harvard-led study that's now around ten years old. I haven't yet managed to track down a copy of the official publication but I do see many health Web sites -- diabetes related and not -- quote from it without listing the assumptions -- which really need to be known before we can rate how highly we can trust the conclusions.

I have seen a study that did not reflect positively on marijuana and diabetes and I know there was a cannabinoid drug introduced for diabetics some years ago in Europe that was withdrawn due to psychotropic effects. On the other hand, I also know people who swear by their CBD products for pain relief, so I'm not going to say there's no connection; only that I think we need more good studies before we can state without reservation that there's only good news about CBD/THC/marijuana and diabetes.
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