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Hi noranorma, welcome to the forum.

Ditto on what itissteve said, especially on the caregiving.

In regards to your question about if diabetics eat right, most of us are insulin resistant. Meaning we have to make more insulin that a non-diabetic, needing more than our pancreas can make eventually. If that goes on long enough and our blood sugar stays high enough, long enough, our pancreas may produce less and less. Thus the need for medication. The meds that make the pancreas produce more insulin, are then really useless and insulin may be needed. That is not saying eating right won't help, it can, if our pancreas can still produce enough insulin to take care of the carbs we eat. It may even be good enough to get off meds. It takes a lot of testing to get to that point because just going from not eating right to eating right usually does not instantly make a big change. Eventually you could quit testing as much once you get the diet fine tuned and test much less often, spot checking when eating something new or to make sure sure the diet (or your body) is still working as well as it was.

With the insulin shots, its best to not keep giving in the same spot every time. It can cause scarring and reduce the absorption of the insulin. So the spot needs to move around each time in the fatty areas of the thighs arms, or abdomen, never into muscle. It's recommended to move at least an inch away from the previous injection site.

Is the insulin you are using in a pen or a vial? I know with a pen, you can get some pretty small needles and injecting can be pretty much pain free, even in the abdomen. I'm telling you that as someone who had to be chased and held down to get any shot as a kid. I took insulin for a little while a few years ago and gave myself injections like there was nothing to it. My belly had the most fat, so that's where it went.

Best of luck and keep us posted, we'll help all we can.
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