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Carb Coverage & Insulin

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There is something going on with my carb ratio coverage and I wanted to get some feedback. I usually get 5 units of carb coverage with 1 unit of Novolog. The last week or so, some days it seems like 1 unit covers more than 5 units and some days it seems like 1 unit does not cover 5 units of carbs. Does it have anything to do with what I eat? I thought a carb is a carb regardless if it is sugar, wheat, ect. Can your body react differently every day? Last two months I have been taking pain meds for my arthritis and I am taking Motrin, Aleve and Tylenol with Codeine. My arthritis is extremely bad, but I can not take any steroids. Any type of steroids sends my blood sugar off the charts. I have to limit my use of Motrin and Aleve because of the gastro/intestional side effects. None of the pain medication is known to reduce or increase the effects of insulin. I also take Lantus at bedtime. And my insulin is always fresh. (P.S. I just started my online course to become a pharmacy tech-perhaps I can answer my own questions in a few months :).)
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Becky, I just saw this thread today, I need to look more carefully. Your variation can definitely depend on what you are eating, especially it you are looking at tests taken two hours after eating. Some types of carbs act much more quickly than others. If you had a breakfast with white bread, milk and a banana then you would have high blood sugar two hours later because the carbs in those foods act very quickly. There is very little protein in that meal too, so the carbs would act even faster than if protein had been included. This morning I had two scrambled eggs with bacon, a low carb slice of whole grain toast, a small tangerine and a cup of coffee. Lots of protein and nothing with very fast acting carbs. My blood sugar was only 18 points higher two hours later. That was a 24 carb meal. You might try following the Glycemic Index thread or research it on Google. That will tell you the best foods for not raising your blood sugar so fast.
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