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Whenever I eat anything high in carbohydrates, it is like I have taken a sleeping pill. Nothing can keep me awake at this point. Is this normal? Has anyone had this experience? Also, any ideas on what could be causing my low blood pressures (yes, pressures...not sugar)? I have checked with my doctor, but I don't really think they care all that much. I got my 10 minutes and they really don't have time to think about my problems in that time frame. Any advice anyone...anyone with similar symptons after eating carbs? I also know that I should be watching my carbs, but it is almost as if I can't control myself sometimes. It is like that candy bar is calling me.
Its easy to sit here and say "get a new doctor" if you don't like the one you have, but that is not always an easy option, so maybe if you added some more details, an idea might surface here.

Can you tell us your latest A1c? Morning fasting numbers? Before and after meals? Blood pressure? Are you taking medications for the diabetes. Could there be other meds you take for something else, that is causing an interaction issue?

Have you ever checked your BG levels when you get this "sleeping pill" effect?

Carbs being a rather generic term for starch and or sugar, what kind of carbs do you have problems with?

Hate to admit it :) but Richard may be right as your doctor may just be up in the night, and you should consider a specialist if you can work that out. Family doctors don't seem interested, or informed on controlling diabetes.

Let us know some more, so we can have something to think on and maybe better suggestions could be forthcoming

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