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Hello, ms. ebony . . . I experience the same lethargy as you when I have consumed a high carb meal. In fact, I used to call it "carb coma", and I can attest that I've used prescription sleeping pills that were less effective in putting me to sleep! :D

Very often I find that once I've had a high carb meal, I'm craving more of the same. This effect is much less pronounced if I stay away from really high fast-acting carb foods.

If you just cannot resist those candy bars, see if you can find the Atkins Endulge products. There are several that are virtually indistinguishable from the "real" thing - such as their coconut bar (just like a Mounds), and their peanut butter cups (just like a Reese's). Not saying that you can make a habit of eating these lower carb sweets several times a day - they're still sweets, after all - but when you just can't help yourself, think about this substitution.
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