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Carbs Count

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How many carbs can I have a day?
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Hi Michele! It all kinda depends on YOU. First you need to know your target range - where you want your blood levels to be at any given time. Like mine is 80-130, so I arrange to not drop below 80 if possible, and to not spike above 130, even after meals.

The way I got here, was that my doctor started out telling me to use under 100 carbs per day. He had started me on metformin too, so I used his advice. We hadn't actually discussed a target range, but I began to realize as I talked with other diabetics, that 140 was about the limit if I wanted to avoid damage being done to my vital organs. So I was trying to get my levels down under 140. Wasn't happening.

So doctor increased my metformin & I kept going by the 100g of carbs a day thing. Blood glucose still wasn't going anywhere near 140. So without further ado, I started deleting more carbs. I had replaced sourdough bread with whole grain bread, but I then eliminated bread completely. I'd been trying to get along with a bowl of oatmeal once in awhile, but I then eliminated oatmeal & other cereals completely. Anything that gave me the slightest spike got the sack. So now I get about 50-60g of carbs per day, and my levels stay below 130.
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Depends on:
Meds your on
how you react to carbs
what you want your BGL to be

every body is different some people can have oatmeal I cant (oat meal raises my BG levels and I dont want to go over 140)

test your BG before you eat, eat an amount of carbs (note the type of carb and amount) test your BG after 1 hour, after2 hours, after 4 hours. Then you have some info to decide if the food was worth it.

I try to keep my BG under 140 (many Md's say damage is done to your body every time your BG goes over 140)
I think that the ADA range for women is 45-60 grams of carbs per meal and 15-30 grams of carbs per snack. Since I take insulin, I have no problems with these ranges and don't usually eat the same amount of carbs per meal. Carb ranges are better when they fit the individual and specific needs and reactions to carbs.
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