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How did you like them waffles Shanny. Quite filling I know. Same here my wife and I both didn't eat no more than a sliver of cheese from 5:30pm till the next morning. BG stayed as stable as you could want them to be.

I had intended to make it this weekend too - until we decided to have Marty's strawberry waffles for Easter dinner. I may still put one together, since our original meal was just postponed & pushed back a day or so - I already had the bird thawed when we got distracted by the waffles, so we 'bout gotta cook it. :eek:

And about those waffles . . . after 11 p.m. we both realized that four of those little cuties smothered with real whipped cream & strawberries, had filled us up so completely that neither of us got the munchies during the evening. That is REALLY amazing! :cool:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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