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Celebration in order today . . . hallelujah!

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My first ever FBG under 100!!

I logged 98 a few minutes ago . . . and what's more, I also registered 134/68 blood pressure! This after charging around the kitchen making coffee, taking meds, etc., all the morning chores. I didn't lose weight this morning, but I didn't gain either!

One happy camper over here! Yea!!!
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way to go, shanny! Your hard work is paying off!
Thanks, Wish! At least I'm on a roll today . . . I clocked 76 just before supper. Popped up to 118 an hour after eating, and by the 2-hour interval, I was back down to 98! Incredible, but niiiiice!!!! :D :D :D
Shanny, those are numbers like a nondiabetic might see. Fantastic! You will probably be seeing numbers more and more often now. Do you remember what you did to accomplish this? Lol! I am becoming rather forgetful since I turned 70. I might forget why I had a great day.

I hope you have many great days like that in the weeks ahead. You are a very deserving person.

Hi five there Shanny, Great work!!! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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