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CGM advice pls

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Here in Australia we don't have insurance coverage for CGMs (grrr) but I can see what an advantage they would be and am thinking of self funding.

I use an accu-chek pump but since the CGM would be independent of the pump it really isn't important what make CGM I go for.

This gets me to my point - can any of you give me any advice on which works best for you and what to be aware of (apart from the cost!!!)

I am trying to understand how they operate. I guess they have a remote screen thingy which the CGM transmits to but does that always have to be within range or will it catch up when you come back into range like the meter/remote for my pump?
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Well, I bit the bullet and I’m giving the FreeStyle Libre a try. $75 for 2 sensors which is a months supply. We’ll see how it goes.

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I started using Libre sensors when I was out of Guardian 3s and was sick of them malfunctioning. I haven't gotten less than fourteen days out of any of them yet. Great value; you can use the reader for the results and I believe you can use your smartphone.
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