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CGM and pacemaker

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I have a St. Jude's two lead pacemaker and have for years. I recently have been trying out a Freestyle Libre 3 CGM on the back of my left arm. The sensor readings and the finger stick readings do not track well (CGM often 15-20 points higher than finger stick -- but it does vary).

I am wondering if my pacemaker might affect the accuracy of the readings of the CGM.

Any thoughts?
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I know I've heard of vitamin C usage effecting BG readings of some finger stick tester and CGMs, causing them to read high. Didn't find anything on pacemakers but see full body scanner and x-ray scan at airports require removing sensor, common metal detectors are OK though.
Normally I use Accu-Chek Guide Me for finger stick BG and MySugr as an app. I see that MySugr will also connect with Contour Next One and I just obtained one of those to try out. My very first Libre 3 sensor needs to be replaced tonight with a new one and I have the new one on my opposite arm warming up now (but not activated). When the first one dies I will activate the second one.

So, I will have another new Libre 3 all warmed up and ready to go and a new and different finger stick device to compare the Libre 3 readings to.

In my search for the reason behind the blood glucose readings not tracking very well with the interstitial readings (today some were off by 30 points with the interstitial being high) I am trying to eliminate the variables. The variable I cannot eliminate is whether my pacemaker affects the readings of the Libre 3 sensor...and that is of course why I started this thread. Abbott Labs does not recommends against a pacemaker patient using the Libre 3 -- but that is only because they have not tested whether one interferes with the other, not because they absolutely do. I just wondered if anyone else had any information.
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With the Libre 3 on the inside of my right arm, and using a Contour Next One monitor, all of a sudden my blood and interstitial readings are much closer. In fact all of my CGM readings on sensor number 2 are much lower across the board than what they were with sensor number 1. I'm thinking sensor number 1 was miscalibrated or otherwise faulty.
I'm thinking sensor number 1 was miscalibrated or otherwise faulty.
That is, according to what I've seen around, not an uncommon occurrence. Glad you're getting much better readings now.
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