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CGM reliability

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Early on in using Ronnie's medtronic minimed pump and enlight CGM sensors we just could not get reliable bg readings. I remember one CGM reading was 45 and an alarm was signaling low. I got out our countournext meter and lo....., His BG was 135. Over and over again I called......... Well never mind. Anyway we discontinued using the sensors and just kept testing BG up to 11 time daily. Now Ronnie is eligable for a new pump and we plan on using the Latest Tandem and dexcom CGM. I am assuming that body chemistry and seizure medication was the problem with the Enlight sensors and Ronnie's isssues. I see that the dexcom sensors have some sort of acetomenophen blocker or some such ingreidient. Ronnie does not use acetomenophen but I thought the Lamictal he takes for seizures is similarly incompatible. Has anyone got some input on the dexcom CGM and Compatiblity with medications taken daily.
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The Dexcom G6 has been approved without the acetaminophen warning. I have been using the G5 and avoided Acetominophen like the plague lol, but the new one has been approved without the warning you might want to call dexcom and check with them. I purchased the latest Tandem and the Dexcom G6 and it is great. It will shut off when your blood sugar is too low but it isn't perfect it has made my life a whole lot easier.
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