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Interesting read from Dr. Attia.
Are continuous glucose monitors a waste of time for people without diabetes?
Some experts suggest CGMs are useless for nondiabetics. I disagree.

As some of you may already know, I’m a proponent of continuous glucose monitors, or CGMs, in my patients, even if they don’t have diabetes. Recently, a perspective in JAMA was published on this topic, highlighting the increasing number of start-up companies promoting the use of CGM in nondiabetics, and included some arguments suggesting that CGMs are “a waste of time and money” for this population. The author states that “… aside from anecdotal stories, there’s little evidence that people with normal glucose responses benefit from tracking their blood glucose,” according to the perspective. They also argue that because glucose fluctuations are so small in nondiabetics, a CGM doesn’t provide any meaningful information for them. I want to tell you why I not only disagree with these assertions, but also why this type of thinking may be dangerous to the health of hundreds of millions of Americans.

If it can be a benefit to non-diabetics, I bet it would help Type 2's even more.
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