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OK, I have not been happy with the performance of the Medtronic Enlight sensors. There is a # on the boxes of sensors 7008A. I read that the Enlight sensors are inconsistent. If anyone who uses Enlight sensors with the 530G Medtronic Minimed pump, would you look at your box of sensors and tell me if that # is the same and if your cgm is close to accurate. Sometimes the CGM readings are 50-60 points high or low when compared to the meter readings.
The second part of my question is "How expensive are the Dexcom supplies for the Dexcom cgm and what is the name of the latest CGM" I need some advice. Our insurance has changed and they will not cover the CGM supplies. If the Dexcom CGM is the best available How do I go about getting one and will it incorporate with the Medtronic pump. Can supplies be bought off
I have found Enlight sensors on Amazon for $200 a box of 5.
By the way, If you have to buy your own sensors, check out
Though we have not yet purchased from any supply company but CCS medical.
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Will they give you another dog if Zeus can't be fully trained?
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