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Change of site ownership

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Hi All,

I need to make an important announcement about the future of It's with some very mixed emotions that I have to announce the site has been sold to a Canadian company called Verticalscope (VerticalScope : Driven by Enthusiasts). I agreed to sell the site a couple of weeks ago and last week we moved over to their servers.

I've had to accept that the site has grown too big to be run by a one man business. There is a lot of work to do behind the scenes to keep everything operational. From marketing, sales to server administration, as the site grows then so does the work and the costs. Verticalscope can provide the stability required for the next stage of growth.

The sale should be seamless to the way the site is run and the rules that are in place.

Thank you so much to all the members have supported the site in the past and will continue to support it as it grows even better in the future.

Kind Regards

Bob Sheth, Admin
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I am speaking for myself here...LCHF way of living goes against everything I have ever been taught about correct eating growing up.It too me goes against the good ol food pyramid that carbs are an important feature in our food. It goes against most government nutritionist advice. I could go on more however I'll refrain. But I will mention Big Pharma and the food industry..well..
LCHF way of living..pretty much how our grandparents ate...It is not a's not a's a proven way ( proven to myself that is ) I've chosen to eat to keep my Diabeties 2 under control without the point where some doctors ( as I travel the world a lot) question whether I have been diagnosed correctly. I am healthier and have more energy than I ever have and am at the correct weight after many long years of struggling with that. It has also allowed me to even bring Graves' disease under control way quicker than " normal" I owe my health to everybody in this forum. I fell upon it accidentally..well maybe fate. I'll update my profile when I get time to show how far I have come in just 12 months. My cholesterol levels and everything else could not be better. This forum encourages you ask questions and find the answers for yourself and is a detrimental tool for me.
Welcome Phillip..maybe it's fate for you too, being here with us to see what an impact this forum has on so many people's lives.
Kind Regards, Karen
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I do realise this is an old thread but just wanted to add to it.
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