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I spent days researching, asking questions and collecting details on islet cell transplant trials at a highly regarded medical center only to find out that 2 very important components were not mentioned in the study.

One is this particular trial is NOT funded by the NIH and if one actually qualifies for trial by meeting all inclusion and exclusion requirements, they would need to have their medical insurance carrier cover the costs. The second piece not mentioned is the age range in order to participate in trial was not listed which i come to find out is 18-60.

Its like shopping for a new car and reading the profile and details and thinking its a good fit only to find out by word of mouth that the car is electric and must be paid for in cash only. Well im over 60 yrs old and the cost for the islet cell transplant is $130,000. THe study has been active for 2 years and so far no one has received islets as just 1 or 2 patients were able to get financing from their med ins co. Its not going to happen. i can dream cant i

Im reminded of the album by the Talking Heads called "Stop Making Sense" and listening to the lyrics from the song "Girlfriend is Better"
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