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Hi, everyone, been away for a while with Thanksgiving duties and a Florida vacation (Key West = perfectly nice but WAY overrated)

Third, I was on getting some unrelated items this morning and needed a couple more bucks in my cart to get free shipping, so I went to the diabetic section to browse a bit. Noticed they had some meters, and noticed how the rankings for mine (FreeStyle Lite) were strangely low. We used the Lite with Dad for years, and it's also been mine - one of my endo's recommended devices - since this all started in September, and our experiences have all been positive, so seeing the low ratings was surprising. For the most part the comments suggested that the accuracy was poor. Normally I wouldn't put much stock in just three ratings, but it got me thinking...Consumer Reports has it down in the lower third, due to poor "Consistency" (not "Accuracy", that rating was "Excellent")...does anyone on here use the FreeStyle Lite (not the Freedom, just the Lite)? I know meter accuracy isn't particularly great and isn't supposed to be - ± 20 is considered 'acceptable' - but is the Lite any better or worse than any of the others?

Sorry for the tome...and thanks in advance for your input!
Hi, I have just recently started to use Freestyle Lite I previously used an Accu Check Performa, when I first purchased the Freestyle I compared the results of each test for a couple of days to my Accu Check & found almost nil difference in the readings, hope this helps
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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