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cheese cracker

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I just saw a video on this and I tried it and it was not bad at all

take 1 slice of american cheese and put in on a plate and microwave it for about 1:20 (your times might vary). What you actually get is a cheese cracker that is crispy and crunchy and you can use it as a cracker to put things on or dip.

give it a try
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I make nacho chips out of cheese and then put peppers and salt on them. The cheese cracker would be better made of real cheeses, i.e., mozzarella, provolone, swiss, etc., rather than an American cheese slice, which is a highly processed "can't legally be called just cheese".
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There's a method of this for taco shells - sprinkle shredded cheese on a non-stick pan to make a small round shape. Fry until getting crisp and gently fold in half after taking from the pan.
You can wrap things in slices of american cheese too. Not those prepacked slices, but cheese from the deli section. It is a processed cheese, not a cheese product like Velveta. Just remember that American cheese has between .5-2g carbs, depending on brand and thickness.
It takes some trial and error to get it right. I use a frying pan. Ham, chicken and spam are my favorites. I lay a slice in a hot pan and add a couple slices of chicken(or meat of your choice, pat it dry first). Put the meat to on side, taking up no more than half the cheese. Let it get nice and brown, deep brown is better. Use two forks to turn half the cheese over the meat, you may need to flip it to get it browned and to hold. I like to dip the chicken 'wraps' in sour cream.
Maybe I should make up my own post about this. It's really good. You can try other types of cheese, but American works best of the cheeses I've tried so far.
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