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Cheese Crisps

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I made a new batch of these today, and since my original post was somewhere besides the Recipes board, I thought we might benefit by filing it in its proper place! :rolleyes:

Just take slices of cheese or flat piles of shredded cheese & bake at 350° for 14-15 minutes until they get crisp. For a more chip-size crisp, cut the slices in quarter wedges before you bake them. You wouldn't think they'd get as crisp as they do, but if they're chewy at first, just bake 'em a little longer.

These are greatly improved by adding a sprinkling of seeds before you bake them too. I always use whole flax seeds because I need to get more of them into my diet, but if you're already getting enough fiber, try sesame seeds, caraway, anything you like. It's all good! ;)

I've used cheddar, longhorn colby, pepper jack, provolone . . . and they're wonderful. Be sure to use parchment paper or a silicon sheet on the pan when you make these, because they'll glue to the pan if you don't.
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How long do you microwave the cheese?
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