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Cheese 'Wraps'

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You can make small two bite 'wraps' out of American cheese, with anything you like in the middle.
First I mean actual American cheese, from the deli section. Not 'singles', Velveta or other cheese products. American cheese is a processed cheese, it is normally made from two or more other types of cheese and milk powder as a binder. Most do have between .5-2g carbs per slice. You could always try other types, I find thin slices work best.

Use a non stick frying pan of your choice(I don't use teflon, the fumes it gives off are toxic to birds and I have a conure). Get it hot and add the cheese to the pan, leaving space between slices. Add your meat/veggie to one side of the cheese, taking up no more than half the slice. I do not add any oil or butter, I've found it makes the cheese spread. The pan I use the cheese never sticks to once browned.
My favorite meat to use is chicken, spam and ham are also good. Diced up broccoli would be good too, but make sure whatever you use is dry. I pat dry the stuffing first.
Let the cheese get dark browned around the edges, it's easier to handle this way and gets nice and crunchy. Once browned use two forks to flip on end of the cheese over your filling of choice. If you leave enough space you can wrap the cheese around the filling, flipping the cheese to brown all the way around.
I like to dip them in sour cream. They don't take very long to make, only a few minutes a batch. I don't have exact time, I go by how it looks. I'll try to get photos next time I make some. If anything is unclear let me know.
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