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Christmas Traditions

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One thing we've done every year before Christmas after we and BH's sister had kids is to host Cookie Night. BH bakes dozens of sugar cookies and the kids/grandkids come over to eat pizza and to decorate all those cookies. Frosting and sprinkles a plenty. Usually a game of rolling dice and unwrapping small toys and coins in a big wad of Saran wrap. When it was your turn you started unrolling the ball and got to keep everything that came out until the next in line rolled doubles.

Christmas Eve we would all congregate over at the In-Laws and have a bunch of snacky type foods, i.e. sliders, cream cheese stuffed jalepenos, chips, dips, meat balls, and all sorts of sweets. Afterwards we would exchange gifts between each other.

On Christmas Day all the kids and grandkids come over in the early afternoon to open more gifts and have a traditional Christmas meal.

What's it like this time of year for y'all?
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We haven't had a ton of traditions around Christmas because the grandkids among all the children changed things a lot and they're all so young (four under age 6).

My family has never made a big deal of Christmas so that feast has moved around a lot over the years. But I was informed when DW and I started dating seriously that her family reserved Christmas Eve for their celebration. Any other holiday could move around, but Christmas Eve was theirs and they all show up for it. Fair enough.

Lately we've had potlucks, with the host providing a ham or turkey and everyone else bringing what they're known for. One family brings filled chocolates they make by the hundreds each year for all their friends. I bring a keto dish or two I will eat plus some to share. We eat, talk, eat, play board games, eat, and exchange gifts. Then we watch the grands play with their gifts. It's a fun time but it gets loud and boisterous so it's nice to get home to a quiet house. The next day we go to our daughter's/SiL's house early for breakfast and Santa presents with the grandkids. It's just them and us; no other relatives except maybe the other grandma, so it's much more low-key. I've been really lucky in that DD has been trying to eat low-carb so there's typically something I can eat without having to bring it (!) (there also is plenty of stuff I won't eat; they like their sugar).

By the day after Christmas we're about done. DW and I will get together with my mom, brother, sister and BiL that evening for a meal and just to get together. They voted this year to have lasagna, so we'll arrive in time for dessert and bring Halo Top ice cream for everyone.

And then it's off to New Year's Eve, which usually is spent at home watching some object drop before midnight so we can go to sleep already. 🥱
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