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WHAT, I got D
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Made this yesterday after my order of Black Soybeans came in, Eden Organic.

I put a 2lb chuckroast that had been browned, salt, pepper, into a crock pot on high with nothing else, no water, etc. I let this cook for 5 hrs while I was at work.

When I got home, I cut up and fried in butter in a large covered pot, 2 green peppers, 1 red pepper, 2 large publano peppers, 1 Jalepeno, large onion, couple cloves of garlic.

I removed the meat from the crock pot pot and chopped it up, it mostly just fell apart. I added this to the pot and then poured all of the juices from the crock pot and turn the heat up to get everything boiling. When reduced I added, salt pepper, Thymne, Basal, Cumin, Paprika. I then poured in a large jar of low carb pasta sauce and the can of Black Soybeans, brought to a simmer.

Filled up my bowl, added some cheese shreds and a big spoonful of cream cheese, and some Tabasco (like things hot)

Eden Foods - Black Soybeans, Organic, BPA free lined can
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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