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College Football Championship Game

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For college football fans, tonight will tell us who is the number one team for 2021.

Who are you rooting for, Alabama or Georgia? Me, I don't have a Dawg in this fight, so Roll Tide.
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I can't think offhand of anyone I know who went to either school. But I'll go with Alabama. I can be neighborly and root for your team. 馃檪
Well, that was a game... it's gotta smart for Tide fans. Still, an excellent team and next year is not too many months away.
Much different game than the SEC championship game, for both teams. I figured last night would go similar to their last meeting. I actually thought Georgia would win last time and they didn't. They did deserve the win last night. Congrats to Georgia, the overwhelming underdogs of this thread. Can't wait for 2022 NCAA football to get here.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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