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Coming in as a lurker for now

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Fairly newly diagnosed type2 NID, on metformin 500mg t.i.d.

Using a low carb food regimen, but nothing like Atkins, South Beach or Bernstein. Just lower carb - usually 50-60 grams per day.

Testing several times a day - always FBG and bedtime, occasionally one or two hours PP, if I've introduced a new food or consumed more volume than usual.

In non-medical news, I'm an old retired married lady living happily with my old retired husband high on a limestone bluff above the Gasconade River out in the hinterlands of the Missouri Ozarks, and we share our old barn of a house with a placid German shepherd named Fritz, and an even-more-placid tuxedo tomcat named Waylon.

Our five offspring have all grown up & established their own households - amazing where the years went - the kids are now all between 40 and 50 years old! Three grandsons & two granddaughters pretty well rounds out the family, unless we start counting four granddogs, three grandcats and one grand-cockatiel! :D
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Hello Shanny, welcome aboard! It sounds like you have a very wonderful family. I know that is a great comfort to you since I have children and grandchildren too.

I hope you have good control of your blood sugar. I have been Type 1 for 64 years and I am very healthy. If you have any questions please ask. There are several other Type 2's here who can help.

Thank you, Richard. Nice place you have here . . . I'm most happy to be here! :D
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