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Don't be so fast to blame the strips. Personally I'd blame the A1C. Meters test the glucose in blood. A1Cs measure the glycation of hemoglobin. Under average conditions these correspond handily but often they don't. A study published by the ADA for example stated that, in their sample population, 60% of people with bgs high enough on the meter to meet a diabetes diagnosis had normal A1Cs.

Other conditions can have a big impact such as pernicious anemia, which alters the count of hemoglobin available for counting and thus the count. Genes also play a part including racial background. For example Asians seem to have the highest instance of A1C inapplicability.

If your A1C corresponds nicely that's wonderful but my advice would be applause only for your A1C and trust in your meter. In any case let's all celebrate the results of your hard work, however measured.

Here's just one of many studies pointing out perils of A1C reliance:
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